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Food Handler Training Certificate – Health And Safety Come First #BurgerWorld


Food Handler Training Certificate – Health And Safety Come First #BurgerWorld

When we sit down to eat at a restaurant, the last topic on most of our minds is food safety. However, there is little doubt that the large numbers of food-borne illness incidents which have made headlines in recent years have given many of us pause to consider this very subject – unpleasant though it may be. The fact is that food poisoning from contamination occurs quite frequently in many establishments, and many cases fly under the proverbial “radar” since a connection to a particular restaurant cannot be proven.

Local media have picked up on this problem, and many nightly news programs now feature segments which highlight eating establishments that failed the health inspection tests for one reason or another. This leads to not only negative publicity, but also embarrassment that can translate into lost revenue for the restaurant that fails the inspection. This has led many companies to require a food handler training certificate for employees.

Food Handler Training Certificate – Essential and Easy

Earning a food handler training certificate offers many benefits to the employee. For example, the training carries over from job to job, so the certificate can give an edge over the competition for future employment opportunities. Employers and managers like the peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that their employees are following the proper procedures and protocol to ensure that all safety precautions are being taken with regard to food service.

Food Handler Training Certificate – Basics

Although the training program covers the basics, such as washing hands thoroughly after using the restroom or handling raw meat or fish, it also teaches helpful topics such as temperature guidelines, which foods are considered to be “hazardous,” and how to safely receive food. The course will even provide training in healthy business practices, how to buy canned food, and employee guidelines such as how to wear hair and jewelry when preparing food.

Barwize, Inc. is proud to announce that it is now offering training for the food service training certificate. Barwize, which has made a name for itself in the realm of vendor alcohol training, has expanded its curriculum to include food training for handlers, managers, and anyone working in the food service industry. The training is done online, and gives real-time monitoring of trainees to keep managers and establishment owners updated on progress.

Source: Angela Bell is an independent consultant who writes articles about food and alcohol training as well as a variety of other topics for http://www.barwize.com. For more information on the many training program options available with Barwize, Inc.. Visit ARTICLE ONLINE DIRECTORY.


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