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What is a Charcoal Briquette Made From? #BurgerWorld

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What is a Charcoal Briquette Made From? #BurgerWorld

Every South African loves to braai. Some of us use charcoal, others use coal. Both works equally well, but what is a charcoal briquette created from?

A charcoal briquette is made from a combination of coal and wood. The wood is first charred, or burned slowly until it is all black and crumbling. The wood that is employed is generally scraps from other processes for instance furniture making. Most sorts of charcoal briquette use hickory or some other type of hardwood. Different charcoal briquette manufacturers will use various ratios of wood to coal to produce their charcoal briquettes.

In order to get the charcoal briquette to retain its shape, some manufacturers will include a starch in the mix. Some manufacturers will also coat the briquettes in a nitrate that is extremely flammable and helps the briquettes catch fire as soon as it is lit. The ingredients for the briquettes are placed into moulds and treated with high temperatures and pressure to make them the shape they are supposed to be.

It can be incredibly difficult to get a charcoal briquette lit. Some people resort to using accelerants, but this can affect the taste of the meat. It is far better to begin your fire utilizing some paper and scraps of wood and then add the briquettes once the fire is going well. An additional alternative is to use firelighters. They are normally white in color and highly flammable. Just place several pieces among your charcoal briquettes and light them. The heat created will typically trigger the briquettes to light too.

When you're utilizing charcoal briquettes to light your braai, make sure that you only put the meat on the fire to cook as soon as the briquettes have turned white. Whilst they are still red the fire will be too hot and your meat will char on the outside but stay raw on the inside.

The charcoal briquette is a fantastic invention for the lighting of braais. It just makes cooking your meat so a lot easier and you don't have to burn other materials like wood or pure anthracite coal to get an excellent braai.

Source: Samson Muric. For more information on a charcoal briquette, go to http://www.igniteproducts.co.za and Published-Articles.com

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